The activities of Isinkwa Setheku currently comprise the following:

Clothing Program

A clothing store, situated in Pinetown for the exclusive use of Isinkwa Setheku, houses the clothing. Clothing donations are made on a regular basis, mainly by Isinkwa Setheku workers, churches, clothing factories and schools. The clothing is sorted and stored according to gender and size.

Feeding Programs

Every Thursday evening sandwich parcels and other food are distributed by Isinkwa Setheku workers to the destitute & hungry in the streets and shelters of Ethekwini city center. The St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in Pine Street, Durban kindly allows the use of a small hall at the church as a base for these Thursday evening outreaches.

Potjiekos (feeding outreach)

Once every two months, a ‘Potjiekos’ outreach is held on a Saturday morning. A meal in the form of what is locally known as a ‘bunny chow’ containing nutritious ‘potjiekos’ or stew, together with fresh fruit, is supplied to the destitute from St Peter’s Catholic Church, 360 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Durban.

Shelter Visitation

Every Thursday evening, workers reach out to about 6 shelters in the city center. Teams are also deployed to walk the streets. Here people are counseled, bible study groups are held, food is distributed and clothing is handed out from the clothing store.