A bit of background

“HOPE FOR WINTER” was launched 17 years ago, aiming to encourage the public to collect winter essentials for the less fortunate during the cold winter months. The project has gained nationwide following and support from the public, local business and especially the media. Some of the organisations involved in the HOPE FOR WINTER campaign are; PEN (PTA), MES (JNB, CTN, PE and Kempton Park), lsinkwa Setheku (KZN) and Tower of Hope (Bloemfontein). In addition to collections coordinated by the organisations whose clients benefit from the HOPE FOR WINTER campaign, there are over 200 donation drop-off points located nation-wide for those who wish to contribute.

How Does The Campaign Function?

A National campaign is launched every year to invite the public to make a tangible difference in the lives of people and their communities unable to afford the basics needed to survive harsh winter conditions. The campaign starts on the 1st June every year and South-Africans are encouraged to collect winter essentials such as jackets, scarfs, gloves, non-perishable food products and other items that may be used to minimize the adverse effects of winter. The public can either drop these items off at any of the 200+ collection points nationally or are invited to distribute the items themselves and share their story on our Facebook page, #HopeIsHere.

How are funds utilised?

Funds raised during the campaign will be distributed among the four main beneficiaries/ partners to support the services they render to the communities they serve. All goods collected are distributed to those in need within the areas where the goods are collected.